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Eastern European Development Project

Many Eastern European states have witnessed a rise in racism, anti-semitism and far-right political activities over the past two decades. Over the same period football, which mirrors so many social developments, has also seen overt examples of these problems across the region.

The Fare Eastern European Development Project seeks to offer challenges to these problems through a co-ordinated approach based in Warsaw, working with delivery partners across the region.

Our core objectives are:

• To support the preparation of Euro 2012 and anti-discriminatory activities through training programmes, lobbying activities and partnerships with governing bodies, Local Organising Committees, and host cities

• To work alongside and capacity-build ethnic minority communities to challenge discrimination

• Increase the profile of Fare and the Unite Against Racism programme and its ethos in Eastern Europe

• To build a resource and campaigning hub to support a long-term anti-discrimination action in football in Eastern Europe

The core countries for this programme are Poland and Ukraine. The project will also have a wider country base which includes Hungary and Slovakia as neighbouring states. Attempts will also be made to build up contacts and explore activities in several additional states such as Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Belarus and Moldova.

The overall project management is lead by the ‘NEVER AGAIN’ Association in Warsaw. The other partners in the project team are: People Against Racism in Slovakia, the Mahatma Gandhi Human Rights Organisation in Hungary, and Fair Play in Austria.

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