UEFA hold third edition of leadership programme for women in football

The third edition of the UEFA Women in Football Leadership Programme kicked-off on Monday 27 April, in Nyon, Switzerland, to further the European confederation's work to increase the number of women involved in senior roles in football.

Throughout the seminar representatives of European national football associations will be given coaching and guidance on the personal and professional qualities needed for management positions, such as: leadership skills, self-awareness, networking, coaching and team-oriented ability, and the ability to influence and make an impact.

The programme, introduced as a result of feedback from the national associations, is designed to identify potential women leaders and to equip them with the requisite skills. For women already in leadership positions, the programme offers additional support in their roles.

High-profile guests from inside and outside the sports' world, including the former world fencing champion and International Olympic Committee (IOC) representative Claudia Bokel, will also take part in the programme in a mentor role. Credit Suisse Florence Lombardo will address the participants on the role of women in senior management, whilst International Labour Organisation Raphael Crowe will discuss the importance of gender equality in the workplace.

The two first editions of the mentoring programme have already shown signs of progress. In Azerbaijan, the FA delegate Konul Mehtiyeva has led major projects, including the successful bid for a UEFA EURO 2020 venue in Baku, as a result of her involvement in the programme.

"She is becoming a real leader nowadays and is leading a few projects already," said Elkhan Mammadov, general secretary of the Association of Football Federations of Azerbaijan (AFFA).

"Since the Women in Football Leadership Programme at UEFA, she is a self-confident person who can lead different projects and different people."



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