Spanish festival to discuss the inclusion of refugees in Europe

A Spanish youth-led festival will present ideas and strategies to promote the inclusion of refugees in Europe through art.

Over two days a series of roundtable events will bring together NGOs, activists, journalists and the general public in Cádiz, southwest Spain, to discuss and present best practice on programmes using art to promote refugee inclusion, such as AltroCirco in Italy and Caravana INT17 in Spain.

The event is organised by the Fare member Colectivo CEPA and Asociación Garaje on 17, 18 and 19 August and is part of the annual initiate "Interrapción" running since 2006 to bring about a positive social change through art and Hip Hop.

"INT17 Refugees Welcome is a platform aimed at giving voice to thousands across Europe that fight for the rights of refugees. The festival aims to open minds and welcome all of those that have found themselves unfairly trapped between wars and boarders, unreasoning and ignorance." reads the event's press release.

The festival will include music and dance performances across different venues of the city.

It will also mark the launch of Caravana INT17, a road show that will travel across Spain to find stories of refugees and artists who use art for inclusion. In addition to this, the project will further the work of youth in Greece, Spain and Serbia that since May 2017 have been visiting refugee centres in each country to produce a documentary on the challenges faced by refugees.

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