Sampaio alleges racism in Nicaragua

Brazilian midfielder Joaelton Sampaio said he has been the victim of racism in Nicaragua, in a letter sent to the press on Monday.

The 25 year old forward said he has been on the receiving end of “constant racist comments” both on the pitch and off, including taunts of “monkey.” Joaelton said the insults have been hurled not only by members of the public, but sometimes from other players.

Sampaio plays for Real Esteli, considered one of the best teams in Nicaragua.

He said stress related to discrimination he has encountered “has affected my performance on the football pitch and hurt my concentration.”

The director of the club, Helmut Hurtado told AFP that it is not the first time that allegations of racism have been levelled against the club.

“This should not happen in our country. We should take appropriate measures before the problem gets worse,” Hurtado said.

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