Reviewing the 2012 Fare Action Weeks

The Football People Action Weeks is a well established means of bringing Europe and increasingly the global world together in a unified stand against discrimination and a positive message of social inclusion.

The initiative, which started in 2001 with activities in nine countries, saw the participation of groups from 44 countries in 2012.

FARE has produced a Review of the 2012 weeks that sets out some of the increasingly creative activities that took place during the two weeks in October. If you work like a printed copy email us on info@farenet.org

The review looks at the empowerment of minorities from ethnic or religious backgrounds, LGBT groups tackling homophobia and disability action; the work of NGO’s, supporters groups and amateur clubs in addressing issues in their football environments; and at the top-level of the game, it illustrates the initiatives taken at UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League matches and by professional clubs, leagues and football associations at national level.

The dates for the 2013 weeks are 15 to 29 October 2013. Get involved!

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