PLAY! partners discuss pilot implementation in Novo Mesto

Representatives of the six organisations involved in PLAY! met between 13-15 November, in Novo Mesto, Slovenia, to adjust procedures around the implementation of the pilot set to start in January 2018.

The project aims to develop, implement and systematise innovative methodology using sport sessions to further transferable social and educational competences of children in disadvantaged situations or at risk of social exclusion.

Through the new methodology, the project aims to tackle failure at school, reduce dropout rates and increase sport opportunities for children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

During two days, partners discussed best practice for the pilot phase and the objectives moving forward.

A prototype of the sessions is being tested by Pere Tarrés in Barcelona since the beginning of the 2017/2018 school year. At the meeting, the Spanish partner presented the first outcomes and guided partners on the work to be developed with the project’s Youth Active Groups (YAGs) ahead of the pilot.

The YAGs are groups of youth aged 18 to 30, which will receive training provided by the project’s partners to will deliver the sport sessions to children in schools and sporting organisations.

The meeting also discussed the upcoming international training camp, to take place in May 2018 in Rosolina Maré, Italy, and the e-learning platform to be used by YAGs, coaches and other beneficiaries of the project.

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