Media reporting seminar to use England match to grow women in football in Bosnia

A seminar on media reporting of women's football in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) will take place in Sarajevo this Thursday (31 March).

Organised by the Agency for communications EBBE COMMS in collaboration with the Fare Network and the Football Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), the event is targeted at journalists from across media outlets in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the objective of increasing awareness and the quality of media coverage of women in football.

The 50 or so participants will have a series of sessions on issues such as the growth and technical development of women's football, how to frame coverage of the sport, and the role of women leaders in sport and society.

As part of a wider campaign of raising awareness of women's football, there will be 50 media stories around the upcoming Euro 2017 Women's qualifier between Bosnia and England in Zenica on April 12th. The stories will use the background of the match to encourage girls to play football, the position of women in football and gender rights.

The coach of the BiH national women's team Samira Hurem welcomed the initiative, "I am proud to see women's football growing in Bosnia, there is now an increased number of registered clubs and a bigger interest among girls to play football. But it is important that we popularise it further. Women's football and women in football need more media support, especially for the matches that follow a high profile fixture against a team such as England."

The seminar is a follow-up to the first ever conference organised about women's football in Bosnia and Herzegovina last October. For further information on how to attend contact ema@ebbecomms.com

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