Increasing number of Inclusive Zones across Poland/Ukraine

As Euro 2012 progresses, more and more organisations are putting themselves forward to be Inclusive Zones.

The aim of the zones is to create spaces that are open, welcome and accessible to all fans alongside the local population.

There are currently over 400 sites across Poland and Ukraine that are designated sites, including shops, historic buildings as well as pubs, and this number is set to grow significantly as the Never Again Association, who manage the project have agreed with Biedronka, one of the sponsors of the Polish national team, for all their 2000 shops to becone Inclusive Zones.

The zones have received huge support across Poland and Ukraine and have been publicly supported by the city authorities of Gdansk, Donetsk and Krakow.

For more information on Inclusive Zones, a list of the venues and a map showing the locations of the sites, click below.

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