In the spotlight: #Fare20 members video series tells story of their anti-discrimination work

As part of the Fare network's 20th anniversary a video series has been published profiling a day in the life of selected members of the #Fare20.

Members of Fare from around Europe came together to tell the story of their day-to-day work and the challenges they face in their fight for social inclusion through sport. A series of short videos featuring groups from Germany, Hungary, France, Italy and Poland was then made capturing the activities and measures the groups use to tackle discrimination and fight for social change.

In Germany, Fare members from Berlin Discover Football talked us through the amazing work they do to create more opportunities for LGBT+ women in grassroots football.

In Budapest, Hungary, the Mahatma Gandhi Human Rights Organization has been working to integrate migrants and refugees in Hungarian society for more than two decades. Here the head of the organisation, Gibril Deen, told Fare about the work that goes on.

In Paris, France, Les D├ęgommeuses are the 'ass kickers' fighting sexism and lesbophobia on the football field. They spoke about their work and the lack of visible LGBT+ out players in French football.

Fare members in Rome, Liberi Nantes, are an organisation providing much needed sport and education opportunities for refugees and asylum seekers in Italy, amidst a hostile political climate.

Meanwhile in Poland meet Etnoliga: Supporting migrants and promoting diversity in Poland through sport.

For more on the #Fare20 members, see the following video with a recap of all 20.

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