Fare partner in Argentina runs campaign to tackle prejudices

Fare Argentinian partner Encontrarse en La Diversidad is running a anti-discrimination campaign until 21 May to raise awareness of cultural stereotypes and address prejudices.

The campaign #LeSacoLaLengua (ENG: I stick my tongue out) is calling on Argentinians to share their photos of social media sticking their tongues against prejudice and discriminatory behaviour and inviting their friends to join the campaign.

Among the comprehensive list of prejudices the campaign is looking to address are sport related stereotypes including "women cannot talk about football" and "gay men do not/cannot play football nor rugby".

The initiative kicked-off on 16 May and will run until Saturday 21 May as part of UNESCO's programme "Haz un gesto por la Diversidad y la Inclusión" (ENG: Take action for Diversity and Inclusion) for the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development celebrated on 21 May.

Encontrarse en La Diversidad is a not-for-profit organisation that works to eradicate discrimination in Argentinian society, including in football, through campaigns and collaborations with national and international bodies.

Earlier this year, the organisation presented an honourable mention to Racing Club Paraguayan player Óscar David Romero Villamayor for challenging xenophobic chants at a Copa Libertadores match and triggering from the crowds a non-discriminatory chant.

In May 2015, Encontrarse and the Argentinian giant River Plate held a debate on xenophobia in Argentinian football.

Fare and Encontrarse en La Diversidad have been working together since 2015 to share best practice on challenging discrimination in football and promoting football as a tool for social inclusion.


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