Fare Observer training for Euro 2016 in Paris

Over 30 specialists from across Europe met in Paris, France, to participate in the Fare Observer training for the UEFA Euro 2016 finals this summer.

The 34 participants have been recruited as experts from the countries represented in the Euro 2016 as part of the Fare observer scheme at the tournament. Observers will draw on their own experience in country-specific fan culture and information received at the training to identify discriminatory incidents such as discriminatory chanting, displays of far-right banners, signs and other discriminatory activities during the matches.

Monitoring racist and discriminatory incidents at football matches has been a key element of the Fare programme since the UEFA Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine. At club international level the system has been in place for over three seasons, since its launch in 2013.

Fare believes that tackling racism and discrimination in football requires a multi-facetted approach combining educational activities, disciplinary measures and encouraging self-regulation amongst fans.

At the tournament, two observers will be deployed per match to monitor designated games and record discriminatory incidents as and when they happen. The observers match reports enable Fare to build an accurate picture of the levels of discrimination inside European stadiums and provide information to the disciplinary processes of European football governing body UEFA.

The training, held at the headquarters of the French Football Federation, is part of the UEFA Responsibility and Sustainability framework for the Euro 2016. The programme comprises five strands of social principles including "Respect Access for All", "Respect Diversity", "Respect Fan Culture", "Respect Environment" and "Respect Health".

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