FARE Network pays respect to victims of Holocaust

As part of FARE’s programme of activities during Euro 2012 a delegation of FARE Network member organisations together with Ukrainian, British and Swedish anti-racist fans visited Babiy Yar, a Holocaust memorial site in Kyiv.

Representatives of FURD (Football Unites, Racism Divides), ‘Football Against Prejudices’ (Ukraine), Eastern European Development Center (Ukraine), African Council of Ukraine and supporters brought flowers to commemorate the victims of the 1941 Nazi massacre. More than 100 000 people were executed, at the site on the outskirts of Kyiv, most of which were Jewish residents, along with significant number of Roma people, and other citizens of Kyiv who supported the resistance.

Piara Powar, FARE Network’s Executive Director, who also attended the visit, said “This tournament is not only a fantastic festival of football and diversity, but also a chance to understand something of the history of both Ukraine and Poland in their resistance to the Nazis and the atrocities of the Second Worls War. Such visits inspire us to keep up our struggle against all forms of discrimination.”

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