Fare has issued the following statement in regard to the invasion of Ukraine

"The Fare network stands with our members and partners across Europe to condemn the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

We join actors in football, supporters, NGOs, players, clubs and governing bodies in sending a message that war and aggression against a sovereign state and innocent civilians have no place in international relations, of which international sporting events are an integral part.

We note the sanctions being applied by the international community on Russia. Football cannot allow normal relations with Russia to continue at this point, there can be no normal sporting contact within an abnormal situation.

We call for the following action by UEFA and FIFA to be taken in support of human rights and peace:

All Russian teams (national and club level) to be suspended from international tournaments
All relations with the Russian FA and Russian commercial sponsors to be suspended
Support should be prepared for grassroots, NGO and community groups using football for peace and reconciliation

Fare has been working with our members and partners in Russia and the Ukraine on initiatives to tackle discrimination, nationalism and human rights contraventions in football for over a decade. Our focus on improving the rights of minorities through football and standing against organised hate has been well documented, the progress made in the region cannot be allowed to simply dissipate.”

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