FARE builds-up for the Football People Action Weeks 2013

The FARE Network is today launching the first round of information about the 2013 ‘Football People Action Weeks’ including confirmation of the dates of the campaign and application deadlines.

This year the campaign will run from 15 to 29 October 2013 with an anticipation that more groups than ever before will take part. The applications process for grants will run from August 1 to September 9 through an online form on farenet.org.

The Action Weeks is an annual campaign that incorporates a wide range of football related activities which helps to address local problems, within a club or community, and which brings people together in a unified stand against discrimination in the game.

The campaign also helps to increase public awareness about discrimination and to share good practice and new ideas about the work being done to tackle it.

The 2013 flyer highlights key information about how fan groups, minority groups and NGOs can get involved in this important campaign and take action to tackle prejudice and promote social inclusion.

Launched in 2001, with nine countries participating, the Action Weeks has grown to become the largest series of activities tackling discrimination in European sport. As part of the 2012 Action Weeks, events were held in 44 countries, which included for the first time activities outside of Europe.

For more information about the 2013 Football People Action Weeks, click here or to help plan an event, find out about some of the activities which took place during the 2012 Action Weeks .

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