CONCACAF to hold annual Women’s Football Day

The Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) have announced the creation of a dedicated day to mark and celebrate women's football across the region. Planned as an annual event, the first Women’s Football Day will be marked on 23 May.

Through the initiative, the Confederation aims to generate awareness about the transformative power of women’s football for girls and women; promote and encourage continued investment in women’s football; and unite all 41 Member Associations in creating a memorable day of women’s football.

Member Associations will be encouraged to organise one of the three activities, including girls grassroots festivals, 3 v 3 or 5 v 5 tournaments and a football skills challenge. CONCACAF will assist with the preparation and execution of the activities.

CONCACAF President Jeffrey Webb said: “This day is dedicated to recognising the passionate, fearless, and devoted members of CONCACAF elite women’s teams, and inspire the younger generation to take the game to new heights,

“As we embrace a new era in women’s football, we aim to further develop the talents of female players in our Confederation and will continue to empower the women’s game through initiatives such as this one.”

The initiative was presented at the CONCACAF “Let’s Develop Women’s Football” seminar held in October 2014, in Philadelphia, and aims to unite all 41 Member Associations to celebrate women’s football throughout the region.

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