Black Lives Matter: 41 organisations awarded Fare grants

Organisations in four continents will be implementing projects to help racial equality over the next few months using Black Lives Matter football grants from the Fare network. 

41 projects will contribute towards tackling the long and historical issue of racial injustice in football and society. Fare opened up the scheme in June following the global outcry over the killing of George Floyd (and many others), recognising that we all have a responsibility to act and build a future in which everyone is equal.

The activities being wide-ranging in their scope and reach, ranging from exploring how to get more black people into sports administration, educational resources, podcasts, training programmes, exhibitions and storytelling around black athletes and players, a legal rights awareness workshop for amateurs players and a focus on the black LGBTIQ community in sport.

Piara Powar, the Executive Director of the Fare network said, “The response to this call has been overwhelming, in the coming months we will see groups in 22 countries and four continents set agendas and contribute to creating lasting change throughout Europe, Africa, the US and South America.”

Over the coming months we will be showcasing the most successful events across farenet.org and on social media channels.

The 41 grants of up to €1000 have been awarded to the following groups.

Africa Sports Unified
BoMoVu: Sosyal Güçlendirme için Spor ve Beden Hareketi Derneği
Camden and Islington United
A.S.D. Balon Mundial Onlus
Asociacion Deportvida
Associação Plano i
Bnei Yeechalal Rehovot
CDE Dragones de Lavapiés
Centro antirazzista Benny Nato
Chelsea FC Foundation
City Pirates Antwerp
European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation
Encontrarse en la Diversidad para la Educación Intercultural
fan von DIR
Girls United Football Association
Global Organization for Development /G.O.D./ NGO
Goals 4 Girls CiC
Jason Roberts Foundation
Kinisi Ethelonton SCI-Hellas
Liga Tolerantnosti
Mahatma Gandhi Emberi Jogi Egyesulet
Moore Development Ltd
Mujeres Fútbol Club
National Sport Leaders Network
Observatório da Discriminação Racial no Futebol
ONG Salvemos al Futbol
Osklean Football Academy
Polisportiva Antirazzista Assata Shakur Ancona 2001
Queerstion Media
Revista Gambiarra - Jornalismo, Cultura e Ativismo
Sicilya Demir Spor
Sports Redeem
Todo Ciudad FC
Udruzenje Orhideja Stolac
Újságírók a rasszizmus ellen
University of Bolton
Women in Football


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