Slovaks focus on far-right extremism

Academics, activists, NGOs and international experts will join Institute for Intercultural Dialogue (IPMD) football tournament and seminar on tackling racism and far-right extremism in Europe as part of the Fare member's Football People celebrations.

The two-day event will kick-off on Sunday 15 October with a football tournament. The annual event is completing 10 years in 2017 and will be contested by teams composed of students, refugee teams from Czech Republic and Hungary, Roma and youth from across Bratislava.

On Monday 16 October, in cooperation with Comenius University, UNESCO Chair of Human Rights and Education, a panel of experts will discuss extremism in football.

The conference is a response to a series of concerns that interlink youth and extremism in Slovakia and across Europe. Speakers will include: Daniel Milo, head of the strategic communication programme for the Globsec Policy Institute, Pavel Klymenko, Fare Eastern Europe Development Officer, Jakub Drábik, researcher on comparative studies of fascism, Barbara Lásticová, who works as a researcher at the Institute of Social Communication Research of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Pavol Babos, who works at department of political studies and Comenius University, and Vanja Petricevic from Florida Gulf State University.

They will address the causes and effects and also how to prevent radicalisation and extreme behaviour.

IMPD are organising the event as part of the Sport Spaja campaign, which monitors racism in football, promotes multiculturalism within sport and coexistence through sport.

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