Norwegian FA bans gay rights protest in friendly against Russia

Norway's Football Association (NFF) have banned political messages backing Ukraine or gay rights during the international friendly Russia against on Saturday (31 May), in Oslo.

However, rainbow flags will be authorised at the Ullevaal stadium.

"At Ullevaal, it has been decided not to grant requests for demonstrations, because it is a sports event," the association said on their website, explaining that the ban, in line with standard procedures, would apply to political banners and messages.

"Rainbow-coloured t-shirts are permitted. The same rule applies to flags of limited size."

The announcement comes after Gjert Moldestad, a Norwegian football fan, editor of “The 12th Man” magazine and anti-discrimination activist, had publicly organised on Facebook for a large group of fans to bring their rainbow flags to the match as a show of solidarity.

The group complained they had been warned they could be denied access to the venue if they carried rainbow flags.

"We're going to the match after all. We reached an agreement," said Gjert Moldestad, said Gjert Moldestad on Twitter after the association's statement was published.

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