International Women’s Day 2021: a magazine of new writing

For IWD 2021 a magazine of new writing, profiles and insights.

IWD is a time to celebrate and focus on achievements, and look at urgent questions that remain before equality can be claimed.

For International Women’s Day 2021 Fare presents a magazine of new writing, profiles and insights about women, football, equality and development.

Thanks to a host of brilliant writers, policy experts, and development activists we feature pieces about Australia , Bosnia and Herzegovina, England, France, North America, Mexico, Japan, South Sudan.

We explore the journey of the only women’s head coach working in men’s football; the exhilaration and challenges of working in South Sudan; the questions we should be asking leaders in trying to achieve intersectional equality; and the buzz of supporting the Australian WNT.

Read this unique magazine here or download the pdf.

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