International research project presents findings on European football culture

The collaborative and interdisciplinary project Football Research in an Enlarged Europe (FREE), which seeks to understand the European football scene in the largest sense, is holding an event, on 17 March, in Brussels, Belgium to discuss its findings.

A series of roundtable debates will bring together policy-makers, representatives from football organisations and supporters, to discuss a wide range of topics around women's presence in European football and the governance of the sport in the region.

The event marks the end of the three-year research initiative, which started in April 2012 and involved researchers from nine universities, in eight different European states, from a range of scholarly disciplines to develop a better understanding of football as a social and cultural phenomenon in contemporary Europe.

The first of the research's three policy briefs has already been published and summarises the results of the project’s historical, sociological and anthropological research streams.

An exhibition on part of the research findings is currently on display at the National Football Museum, in Manchester. The Whose Game is it? exhibition, which will run until 1 March 2015, features images, quotes and video footage of fans in different European countries, and invites visitors to relate with the information and reflect on the reasons behind their love for football.

The event, which is free to attend, will take place in the Committee of the Regions (Brussels).

To register for this event please email Free Project Secretariat Aline Brisset.


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