Incidents reported to FARE during November 2012

The following list of incidents of racism, xenophobia, extreme nationalism or homophobia have been reported to FARE during the past month.

All reports have been brought to our attention through eye- witness or media accounts. FARE has third party reporting status with UEFA and FIFA on international matches, at a national level we can support incident reports made by members or national partners.

3 November - Poland: Wisla Plock - Resovia Rzeszow
During a second division game between Wisla Plock and Resovia Rzeszow supporters of the home team were heard chanting anti-Semitic abuse at the opponents: “Jews, Jews, whole Poland is ashamed of you”, “Jude, Jude, LKS”. Wisla Plock was fined PLN 5000 (approx. 1250 EUR) by the Disciplinary Commission of the Polish Football Association afterwards.

09 November – Croatia: NK Zagreb v Hajduk Split

Hadjuk Split fans, said to be part of the Torcida fan group, were heard chanting “Ćiro, you faggot“ towards the Zagreb coach Miroslav Blažević in the 28th minute. Ćiro is the coach's nickname.

10 November, Poland: Unia Tarnow - Pogon Siedlce
Supporters of Unia Tarnow made monkey chants towards Pogon Siedlce’s Nigerian player, Chinonso Agu, after his team was awarded a free-kick due to a foul on him. The player felt deeply insulted and demanded from the referees that the game was to be stopped. The match continued shortly after the incident. Racist chants were also directed at Nigerian player, Paschal Obinnie Ekwueme when he came onto the pitch in the 75th minute. Unia Tarnow was fined PLN 5000 (approx. 1250 EUR).

10 November – Croatia: RNK Split v Dinamo Zagreb

Supporters of Dinamo Zagreb, allegedly of the Bad Boys Blue group, chanted “Mamić you Gypsy, leave the shrine” apparently in reference to Petar Mamić, a Dinamo Zagreb player.

21 November – UEFA Champions League: Dynamo Kiev v Paris St Germain

At the Europa league match in Kiev, home supporters collectively performed nazi-salutes in the 88th minute. The number 88 refers to the number in the alphabet of the two HH’s in “Heil Hitler”. Eye witnesses reported of violent attacks on ethnic minorities in the stadium. A FARE report was sent to UEFA and the governing body ordered Dynamo Kiev to play the two following UEFA club competition matches behind close doors.

21 November – UEFA Champions League: FC Zenit Saint Petersburg v FC Malaga

The home supporters of Zenit Saint Petersburg exhibited White Power”chants, banners with runes and neo-nazi symbolism. FARE report sent to UEFA.

22 November – UEFA Europa League: SS Lazio v Tottenham Hotspur FC

Ten Tottenham fans attacked in a bar in central Rome in anti- Semitic attack evening before match. Lazio fans chant "Juden Tottenham".. FARE report was sent to UEFA.

25 November – England: Tottenham Hotspur v West Ham United

A section of West Ham fans sang songs which referenced Adolf Hitler and “Juden Tottenham”. Some West Ham fans are also said to have taunted the home crowd about the stabbing of Spurs fans in Rome.

27 November – Italy: SS Lazio v Udinese

Fans from the Curva Nord, home to Lazio's ultra supporters, chanted "Roma, Jewish club" aimed at their local rivals. Other members of the Curva attempt to drown out the chants by whistling.

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