Greek football says “No to Bullying”

The Greek Cup final, played between Olympiacos FC and Xanthin FC in May, was used as an opportunity for the Hellenic football to send a resounding message against bullying to the entire Greek society.

Both finalists stood with the Hellenic Football Federation (HFF) to help raise awareness of bullying and send across a message of respect and against fear.

'Respect everyone, fear no one' was the message that read on the escorts' t-shirts read that walked the players onto the pitch. Similarly the players' warm-up t-shirts featured a message reading 'Defend against bullying', 'Tackle bullying' and 'Build a wall against bullying', while the referees wore another t-shirt that read 'Send off bullying'.

Other allusive merchandising was distributed among fans, media, technicians and stadium staff, and officials. A special video starring Olympiacos Ajandro 'Chori' Domingues and Xanthi Dimitris Goudas was displayed on the stadium's giant screens calling on fans to be inclusive and further the fight against social problems.

The initiative follows the participation of the Hellenic football in the first international conference on discrimination in Greek football, held in October 2014, as part of the Fare action weeks.


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