Granada hosts first international conference on social responsibility in sport

An international conference to foster cooperation and exchanges between different social responsibility (CSR) stakeholders in the sports sector will be held between 21 and 23 May in Granada, Spain.

During the three-day event the topics discussed will familiarise participants with the current situation in CSR research, the role and significance of CSR projects and present CSR as a management model that can contribute to the growth of the sports industry.

“This conference has been developed to respond to academic demands on the CSR field and the need of sporting bodies to understand the benefits of social responsibility projects” said Jesús García Arco, a speaker of the organising committee.

Feyenoord of Rotterdam, CD Toledo, the Real Madrid and Chelsea CF foundations will participate in the conference as an example of CSR implementation in clubs.

The “Corporate Social Responsibility: New Alternatives for Sports Management” conference will also count with the participation of the Portuguese Olympic Committee and the Spanish Paralympic Committee and Football Professional League.

The initiative is being organised by the Spanish University of Granada, along with the Portuguese University of Porto, Intercontinental Alliance for Sports Management and Premyer Sports.

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