French think-tank launches women’s sports network

An initiative to support the call for gender equality in French sport has been launched by Sport et Citoyenneté. The new collective, called ‘Est-ce que je vaux moins qu'un homme?’ (‘Am I worth less than a man?’) will promote the role of sportswomen and challenge inequalities between male and female athletes in sport.

The French think tank, which works on the societal impact of sport, launched the network at the 'Femmes, Sport et Mediatisation en Europe – Pour une couverture plus important du sport feminine' conference in Paris on Wednesday (27 November), to look at media coverage of women’s sport.

According to Sport et Citoyenneté the media coverage is selective and dedicates an insufficient amount of space to female sports. Studies say that in France only 7% of broadcast sporting events are women’s competitions.

To Benoît Keane, a member of the ‘Femmes et Sport’ network, the key element to change the relationship between the two "is to promote the collaboration between sports organisations, media and broadcasters to create hype around women's sports competitions.”

The conference saw attendance from representatives of the French Ministry of Youth and Sport and the Director of the French Eurosport channel.

The Sport et Citoyenneté initiative follows the launch of a newly-created Scottish charity to raise the profile of women in sports in Scotland

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