Dutch FA announces targets for recruitment of women and ethnic minorities

The KNVB have announced steps they are taking to become a more inclusive organisation with a focus on collecting internal data on employee make-up and setting targets for increasing women and ethnic minorities within the organisation.

The FA first pledged to bring about internal change earlier this year and have been consulting interest groups, including the Mijnals Commission since then.

They say in their statement: “….We can make better choices in our role as an association if we are more complete and are able to take all the different insights into football into account. A more diverse workforce and a more inclusive organisation have therefore been the wish within the KNVB for some time, but achieving this will not happen by itself.”

Deatails of the plan were launched on the KNVB website today (17 December) setting out a series of comprehensive measures they hope will help them a diverse organisation.

The measures include:

  • A target of 14% of KNVB staff from an ethnic minority (which they term as employees with a ‘non-Western migration background’) by 2030. This is currently 2%
  • A target of 20% of women in management positions by 2030, they currently form 14% of leaders and make up 30% of employees
  • A version of the Rooney Rule will be used to support diverse recruitment, at least one ethnic minority will be invited for interview for all jobs
  • By 2030 the KNVB board will be composed of 30% women and 15% ethnic minorities, based on the current structure of seven people
  • All bodies and committees of professional and amateur football will be asked to be more representative of football in the Netherlands
  • A point of contact has been appointed for LGBTIQ employees

In addition there are pledges to:

  • Conduct research into (physical) accessibility for employees and visitors with disabilities and then formulate objectives on action for the disabled
  • Offer training courses and workshops for management, executives and all other employees. These will all take place during the current football season
  • Develop initiatives such as a quiet room, halal food and attention to a variety of (religious) days to ensure “all employees feel safe and welcome at the KNVB, regardless of gender, cultural background, religion or sexual preference.”

Read the full KNVB statement translated into English: KNVB STRENGTHENS DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION


9 February 2021

The app, called Discrimination Alert, can be used to send reports of racism in or around the football field to the KNVB.

Its launch is part of the Dutch government's overall 'Football belongs to everyone' initiative that involves the KNVB, Eredivisie CV, Keuken Kampioen Division and Women’s Eredivisie.

If a fan in attendance at a professional game uses the app to report an incident of racism, the stadium coordinator is immediately alerted, and they will then work with the stewards working at the game to identify the culprit.

In amateur football, reports go to Discriminatie.nl. The KNVB receives an overview of incidents and can pass reports onto the Secretary of the Special Prosecutor for Discrimination.

"As soon as the public is again welcome at football, we hope that everyone will use the app and report discrimination and racism in football in the stands or along the line. Reporting is so much easier and that makes the investigation more effective."

Eric Gudde, director of professional football at the KNVB, said: "In the event of an incident, everyone wants to it be punished quickly and severely.

"In the Netherlands we have a legal system where you must be able to prove someone’s guilt before you can punish them.

"That is no different in football with the disciplinary system or stadium bans. It is therefore important that a report is made so that we can intervene or start an investigation."

Find out more about the app.

Report incident