Belfast mentoring initiative promotes Premier League experience for young female leaders

A group of young women from the Shankill and Ballymurphy areas of Belfast were in London, between 10-13 April, as part of a community exchange and training visit between the Belfast and London offices of youth and community development charity Active Communities Network (ACN).

During the visit, the grassroots group, consisting of 10 future leaders and mentors, took part in training from the Crystal Palace FC Foundation, work-shadowing, development sessions focusing on female empowerment and coaching and a BoxFit qualification.

The skills and experiences gained during the exchange enabled the 10 future leaders to deliver boxing and other sports to young people among their communities and help create the next generation of young mentors.

“Sport can be a very male dominated area and it will be great to go back and teach young girls about how they can get involved and put their time to good use.” said Laura Luke, the programme mentee and youth worker from the Hammer Youth Club in Shankill.

The international organisation work in tackling poverty and social deprivation through sport, in the Northern Irish capital, has been ongoing since 2009.

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