Anti-discrimination day increases understanding among Slovakia’s youth

A football anti-discrimination day, held on 21 May, brought together 50 youngsters from across Slovakia to improve understanding towards the country’s ethnic minorities and raise awareness of discrimination.

The initiative, attended by youngsters between 13 and 14 years old, was constituted of a football tournament and a series of interactive workshops that aimed to demystify and expose generalised stereotypes and prejudices.

In Slovakia, where ethnic minorities, including Roma communities, continue to experience discrimination in access to education, health care and housing, initiatives as the anti-discrimination day aim to tackle the problem from an early age.

"It is important to overcome deep rooted stereotypes and prejudices from an early age.” said Sergej Danilov, co-founder of the Sport spaja (Sport unites) campaign.

“We are glad that the Slovak FA gave the Sport spaja campaign this opportunity to prepare interactive workshops for kids who grow up playing football." he added.

The initiative was organised by the Fare Action Weeks regional co-ordinator in Slovakia, Institut pre medzikulturny dialog, in cooperation with the Slovak FA organised as part of the regional schools tournament, Slovak Football Association's School Cup, and the Sport spaja campaign.

A similar day is supposed to be replicated on the School Cup final.

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