Reporting abuse and discrimination in football

Fare believes in an inclusive sport free of discrimination, however not everybody shares our vision. Reporting abuse and discrimination is one means through which we can highlight issues and challenge denial.

Fare can help you to make reports and ensure appropriate action is taken. It may not be possible to take action in each case, but it helps us to build up a picture of what is happening and where.

Reporting an incident

Please complete the incident report form to allow us to collect a consistent level of information. Once filled in send to info@farenet.org

Fare staff have been trained to assist with your complaint appropriately and sensitively. Please give us as much detail as possible.

What to report?

Not only verbal abuse and chanting are considered discriminatory actions, banners, flags and other materials can also have racist, neo-Nazi, homophobic, sexist or other abusive content. To help identify these signs and symbols Fare has produced a guide explaining their meaning.

What if my report is an emergency?

If something happens that needs immediate attention, it should be reported directly to a steward or police officer.

How does Fare deal with reports?

We believe every complaint is important. We will refer it to a national level NGO who have a knowledge of the situation on the ground, or raise the issue with the appropriate authorities.

As a campaigning and advice network, we cannot take legal action or bring football sanctions ourselves.

What happens when we get a report?

    • Stage 1 - incident report form is received and acknowledged.
    • Stage 2 - If the incident took place in a UEFA Champions League or Europa League match, details of it will be sent to UEFA. If the incident took place at an international match, it will be referred to UEFA or FIFA, whoever has jurisdiction over the match. If the incident took place at a domestic match, we will refer your report to the respective national association.
    • Stage 3 - All discriminatory incidents reported to us will be added to our statistic and published on a monthly basis on farenet.org.
    • Stage 4 - Fare will keep the complainant informed of any outcomes.

Report incident