Levski banners threaten refugees

As football fans in Germany have been showing their support for the plight of refugees in Europe an ultras group of Levski Sofia have underlined the issues many migrants to Europe face by showing their contempt for migration to their country.

At the home game against Pirin Gotse Delchev at the Georgi Asparuhov stadium in Sofia, supporters of Levski displayed two slogans aimed at the refugees who have entered the Bulgarian capital in recent months.

The area of the ground holding the clubs most active supporters erected a banner that read 'Death for the refugees' while the message on a second banner read 'Blood will be shed for our land'.

The day after the game a complaint was sent to the Prosecutor General of Bulgaria by the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee, an independent non-governmental organization for the protection of human rights.

The Committee classifies the actions of the fans as a crime and wants to see action taken.

"Our position on all issues from recent days was reflected in our signal to the Prosecutor General of Bulgaria," said the legal director of the Committee Margarita Ilieva to Dnevnik Daily.

Last year Bulgarian football introduced stringent measures against racist and discriminatory behaviour. In this situation, following the letter of the law, Levski may be banned from holding games at their stadium or be deducted points. The fine can go up to 30.000 lev (€15.000).

The Disciplinary Committee of the Bulgarian Football Union is waiting for the reports of the referee and match delegate. Levski have not yet made a statement regarding their position on the matter.

Exactly a year ago the club was fined €30,000 by UEFA when fans raised banners during a home game against FK Sarajevo in the Europa League. Then the Levski fans were targeting their insults at Bosnians on the subject of the Bosnian war in the 90s.

A month ago Levski ultras attacked the newly appointed coach of the team Ivaylo Petev, who stepped down just 24 hours later.


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