German conference to discuss women empowerment through football

An international conference on women’s football in central Asia and Europe will look at issues related to women and empowerment in Berlin in December.

The conference, organised by Fare member Discover Football, will take place from 10-15 December.

The conference aims to exchange experiences on how to strengthen and empower women and girls through football and highlight strategies for a more inclusive sport.

Through workshops and discussions, experts from countries such as Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Hungary and Ukraine will explore the potential of female football in each particular region and how it can be used as a tool for equality.

After the conference, a series of recommendations on how to support women’s football will be elaborated and send out to football governing bodies. A good practice guide on empowerment through women’s football will also be produced.

The event is only open for women, but a public session to present the topics discussed at the conference and an indoor football tournament will be held on 13 December and open to all.

To learn more about the Discover Football 2013 football conference please visit discoverfootball.de

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