Fare and EDFN sign partnership agreement to support clubs’ CSR practices

The Fare network and the European Football for Development Network Foundation (EDFN) signed a partnership to work together to support and help develop socially responsible practices (CSR) of football clubs.

Under the agreement the two organisations will share good practice, knowledge and guidance on topics including social inclusion and anti-discrimination, social responsibility, education, sport and health; will help shape CSR programmes that have the potential to contribute towards a better level of equality for the clubs and their communities; and exchange a pool of contacts to further inclusive practices and expertise on the issues around inclusion and wellbeing in and through football.

EDFN is an international network that uses the connecting power of football as a tool for social development. It works to support community engaged football clubs and their affiliated CSR foundations and to share knowledge and experiences, on an European level, that can improve the quality and efficiency of national and local initiatives.

In March, EDFN hosted a two-day conference in Manchester in which over 30 european clubs from 15 countries and Fare discussed different perspectives on the current status of CSR programmes in professional European football

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