Changing the Chants project seeks film maker for documentary on antisemitism

The European project "Changing the Chants" is seeking a documentary film-maker to create a 10-15 minute animated documentary on tackling antisemitic chanting at European football matches.

The aim of the animated documentary is to inform wider audience about the project outcomes and to mobilise potential interested parties to make use of these outcomes. The documentary is intended as a tool to enthuse (and provoke) football communities across Europe to reflect on their own responsibilities and explore opportunities to adopt similar approaches in their own context.

As the ideal candidate you will be someone with an interest and feel for football, the project topics, fan culture and someone with high integrity, preferably with a bachelor’s degree in animation video production and a track record of success.

Responsibilities will include the animation of a documentary able to generate a wide impact in society on the topic of antisemitism and Football, the production of a script and storyboard, the creation of audiovisual content (such as video, animation, music, voice over, text etc.) and the design of the look, feel, mood and style for the animation and characters.

The film maker will be subcontracted by Borussia Dortmund and will receive an all-inclusive fee of €15,000. The project will run until June 2021.

You can apply by sending a CV and a letter of interest including one link containing an example of your work to E.Karlsson@annefrank.nl. The deadline for applications is 30th October 2019. For more information and to download the full job description click here.

Changing the Chants is a two-year project starting in June 2019 aimed at combatting antisemitism in football through non-formal education and law enforcement in Europe.

Led by Anne Frank Stichting, the Changing the Chants project seeks to create new knowledge of preventive and restorative justice approaches, support local football communities to prevent and respond to antisemitic hate speech, strengthen local co-operation between football communities, law enforcement and civil society stakeholders and build football community leaders’ capacity to respond to antisemitic hate speech and hate crime.

The project partners involved are Borussia Dortmund from Germany, Stichting Feyenoord Foundation from the Netherlands, Anne Frank Stichting and the Fare network.

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