#FootballPeople action weeks



This year’s Football People action weeks will take place from the 10th to 24th October 2019. Join the movement.

The Football People weeks challenge all forms of discrimination, promote integration values amongst youth and celebrate the input of all individuals that strive to make football a game for all, regardless of who we are, where we are from and what our beliefs are.

The Football People weeks aim to:

• Increase public awareness and tackle discrimination in football
• Act as a means for social change through unified action in football
• Develop and try out ideas and new practices that challenge exclusion

The period of the campaign comprises of hundreds of events and activities that further social inclusion by bringing people of different communities together through the sport. The Football People action weeks are open for participation to everyone who is involved or interested in the game. They provide an excellent opportunity for community engagement and development. Supporters, players, clubs, ethnic minorities, LGBT groups, activists and NGOs partake and collaborate in new and existing partnerships to take a stand against discrimination and celebrate diversity in football.

Since 2001 – when activities took place in nine countries – the campaign has gained ground to become the largest series of anti-discrimination activities in sport in Europe. In recent years, over 4,000 activities have taken place in 70 countries in Europe and expanded across the globe including Argentina, Brazil, Cameroon, Mexico, Vietnam, Thailand, the United States and South Africa; supported by some of the top football stars that play and have played in Europe, such as Yaya Touré, Iker Casillas, Didier Drogba, Thomas Hitzlsperger, Marco Verratti, Claudio Marchisio, and Edinson Cavani.

The Football People weeks receive the support from over 400 professional clubs with matches being dedicated to the causes of the campaign. All UEFA Europa League, Champions League and Women Champions League matches took part in the campaign last year, reaching fans directly at the stadiums and millions more through television. The campaign also continues to receive the support from 22 football associations, 24 professional leagues and four players’ association.

Every year, Fare provides grants to grassroots and community groups and offers larger Events grants to support activities at national level.

More than 225,000 people have taken part in activities supported by Fare over the past three years.

Groups including fan groups, ethnic minority organisations and a variety of NGOs from all over Europe organise activities and launch initiatives to challenge racism and discrimination. Fare’s long-term focus on the situation in Eastern and Central Europe has led to increased participation in these regions.

We believe football should be a game that gives people a chance and that diversity should be cherished as it enriches society. So join the movement to celebrate diversity-in-football and a game-for-all.

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The 2018 Football People action weeks will take place between 11-25 October.