List of FvH activities 2019


In 2019, Fare is joining forces once again with the international campaign Football v Homophobia and will fund 23 organisations with grants to deliver football activities during the period.

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Intelektualet e rinj, Shprese

5-8th February, Shkoder

In the Albanian city of Shkoder, a two-day workshop will take place. With the event ‘Let’s play together’ Intelektualet e rinj, Shprese aims to gather different groups such as LGBT-groups, minorities, vulnerable youth, women groups and Roma communities. From the 5th to the 8th of February, workshops will cover topics such as discrimination, the Albanian legislation against discrimination and how the community can help to promote LGBT participation in football.


Koninklijke Belgische Voetbalbond (Royal Belgian Football Association)

21-25th February, nationwide

The Royal Belgian Football Association has pledged their support for the Football v Homophobia campaign. From the 21st to the 25th of February, 12 professional football clubs, 150 amateur clubs and the national training centre will show cast rainbow corner flags, captain bracelets, rainbow shoelaces and a rainbow ball.


Сдружение “Глобъл организейшън фор дивелъпмънт /Г.О.Д./”

1st-5th February, Sofia

The ‘LGBTIQ can play football as well’ – project hosted by Сдружение “Глобъл организейшън фор дивелъпмънт /Г.О.Д./” will include two campaigns: a distribution campaign and a social media campaign. This Bulgarian organisation will distribute flyers to raise awareness and tolerance for the LGBTIQ. The aim is to increase the participation and representation of LGBTIQ in football and to empower them to play.

Спорт за Толерантност

23-24th February, Sofia

In Sofia, Bulgaria, Спорт за Толерантност will host an indoor football competition against homophobia. During the two-day event, taking place on the 23rd and 24th of February, members of existing women’s amateur clubs will be invited to the film screening of ‘Foot for Love’. Registration for the tournament is required.


Altrincham FC

16th February, Altrincham

On February 16th the Vanarama National League North match Altrincham FC v Bradford PA will be dedicated to the Football v Homophobia campaign. Altrincham FC will wear specially designed rainbow shirts and distribute FvH publicity. A special social media campaign will highlight the match to create more awareness.

Colin Yates

1-14th February, Coventry

From February 1st until the 14th a Justin Fashanu Art Exhibition will take place in the new community space in Coventry. By honouring one of the first openly gay footballer players allows a space to be created to talk about homophobia in football.

Loughborough College

15th February, Loughborough

Loughborough College is organising a presentation and Q&A covering the barriers LGBT+ players experience. On the 15thof February, different people from the LGBT+ community will share their stories and raise awareness regarding unacceptable behaviours towards LGBT+ players. Football academies will show their support by wearing FvH t-shirts.

Nottingham Lions FC

10th February, Nottingham

On the 10th of February, Nottingham Lions FC will host their first 5-a-side tournament in support of the Football v Homophobia. The aim of the tournament is to bring different people together, no matter their sexual orientation.

Proud Baggies

1-28th February, Birmingham

In the month of February, Proud Baggies and West Bromwich Albion Football Club will collaborate on an education campaign that focusses on homophobia in football. Seminars and training sessions will raise awareness and reach out with examples of how the LGBT+ community can be supported in football. The campaign will distribute materials via the website, social media and at stadiums, training grounds and offices. For more information regarding the materials, see here

Proud Canaries FC

22nd February, Norwich

As a tribute to Justin Fashanu, the only footballer to publicly speak out about his sexual orientation, Proud Canaries FC will host an evening with football activities. The aim is to recruit new LGBT+ players of any age and ability. The event will take place on February 22nd in Norwich.

Seagals Football @ BLAGSS

8-9th February, Brighton

On the 8th and 9th of February, Seagals Football @ BLAGSS will host a Football v Homophobia exhibition game. Seagals Football @ Blagss will provide training sessions for LGBT+ footballers in the lead up to their annual press and exhibition match against the local county FA representative team. Training sessions will start in January, in Brighton, and cater for all ages and abilities.

Three Lions Pride

10th March, London

Three Lions Pride will display a banner at the England v Croatia game on the 10th of March at the Wembley stadium. Three Lions Pride will work closely with the media to have a greater impact.


Suomen Monikulttuurinen Liikuntaliitto

1-28 February, Helsinki

In the month of February ‘Suomen Monikulttuurinen Liikuntaliitto’ will distribute captain armbands illustrating the rainbow flag to all Finnish top league clubs. Both men and women league clubs will deliver the message that football is open for everyone, including the LGBTIQ community. The #RainbowArmband campaign raises awareness on LGBTIQ participation in sports.



18 February, Nice

On Monday, the 18th of February 2019 at 7pm, Caram’elles, an experienced football team in Nice, aims to bring transgender people, cisgender athletes, coaches and sport managers together and create room for discussion. Together with 4 other associations, knowledge and skills will be discussed and awareness will be created regarding transphobia in sport. The organised debate will focus on the place of transgender people in the world of football and the sport world in general.

MUST – Marseille United Sport pour Tous

23 October, Marseille

On the 23rd of October, MUST – Marseille United Sport pour Tous plans on organising a presentation and a Q&A focussing on homophobia in sport, LGBT sports and football with special attention for refugees. The event will touch on the following three issues; racism, inclusion of refugees and homophobia. The aim is to include as many associations as possible located in the Provence in the fight against racism and homophobia. The event will take place at 3 Rue Palestro, in the center of Marseille.

Football Club Paris Arc-En-Ciel

23 February, Paris

On the 23rd of February, Football Club Paris Arc en Ciel will be hosting the 4th Football v Homophobia tournament in the capital of France. A 5-a-side tournament and several workshops will create opportunities to discuss the homophobic language used in football and the difficulties that the LGBT+ community experiences.

The event aims to bring young players, players from diverse backgrounds and coaches together. The event will end with a reception where clips and testimonials of transphobia and discrimination will be broadcasted to the participants. All teams must be pre-registered. For more info on registration see here

Centre Evolutif Lilith

2nd February, Marseille

The Centre Evolutif Lilith helps lesbian refugees and asylum seekers in the south of France. The centre aims to help these women integrate into the French society and live up to their full potential as citizens. The CEF acknowledges the benefits of physical activities, sport and outdoor events in building confidence. In order to create more team refugee activities, CEF will first analyse the needs of those concerned, the logistics of setting up such activities, etc. Therefore, on the 2nd of February, CEF will host a discussion with different partners involve regarding ‘Team Refugee – the place of sport in creating citizenship’. This event will take place in Marseille.


Dynamo Windrad

23rd February, Kassel

As part of a larger event ‘Frauen*Bolz WM’, Dynamo Windrad‘s aim is to address LGBTIQ-participation in their sport club. On the 23rd of February Dynamo Windrad will invite externals from more experienced sport clubs, for a discussion. Dynamo Windrad aims to create room to discuss a new approach for their German club. The one-day workshop intents to raise awareness among coaches and interested members. An open discussion will touch on topics such as how to create a safe space and be more inclusive as a club.

Champions ohne Grenzen

27th January, Berlin

On the 27th of January, Champions ohne Grenzen aims to address sexism and intersectional discrimination for women in football. The ‘Start2coach Women’s Coaching Network and Workshop Day’ will particularly focus on racism and discrimination against LBTI+. Champion ohne Grenzen sees the importance of more female coaches and role models.

The networking and workshop event in Berlin creates opportunities for a network of female experienced coaches to arise who can collectively create actions to overcome barriers that exist in this male-dominated sport. A link for registration can be found on Facebook.


New Israel Fund

19th February, Tel Aviv

The New Israel Fund will host a Rainbow LGBTQ tournament. The tournament, which takes place on the 19th of February, will be held at the Ramat Gan National Stadium in cooperation with the Israeli Football Association. By investing in media coverage, New Israel Fund hopes to spread a wide message that homophobia is unacceptable.


ASD Quadrato Meticcio

17th February-2nd March, Padova

In February and March, ASD Quadrato Meticcio will organise three film screenings, with all films related to homophobia and sexism in sport. Films such as “Girl” (2018), “Offside” (2006) and “Zen – Sul ghiaccio sottile” (2018) create room for discussion. Before every film an aperitif and buffet will be served and after each screening, a debate will be hosted to unmask and identify the problems, starting with the athletes and their experiences playing sport. By offering the screenings for free, the event will be open to both players as anyone else who is interested to talk about these problems. All screenings will take place in Padova, Italy.

Panna Italia

24th February, Turin

In Borgo Dora, Turin, an all-inclusive space will be offered for the famous Panna game. The focus will be fair play, mutual respect for skills and diversity and mutual listening. The game allows people with different abilities to play together. On the 24th of February, in collaboration with Panna Italia, CasaArcobaleno will open its doors to all who wish to come in as a point of reference for the LGBT community,


20th February, Rome

On the 20th of February 2019, Gaycs will organise the event ‘Black and white v Homophobia’. In the capital of Italy, a football match will be held with a national LGBT friendly football team playing against the refugees’ team Liberinantes. A special flash mob at the end will illustrate a strong message against racism and homo-transphobia.


Škola fudbala Ugljare

25-27th February, Gracanica

From the 25th to the 27th of February the football school in Gracanica, Kosovo, will raise awareness on homophobia. The three-day event ‘Game is Live’ aims to show that the fight against social and racial differences, discrimination in sport as well as the fight against racism and LGBT+ communities can be combined.


VšĮ „Europos žmogaus teisių fondas“

12th February, Vilnius

On the 12th of February VšĮ „Europos žmogaus teisių fondas“ will organise a pub quiz around LGBT rights and their representatives in football. Everyone is welcome and pre-registration is not required. The event will take place in the youth centre in Vilnius, Lithuania.


Здружение за културен и медиумски активизам КВИР СКВЕР Скопје

17th May, Skopje

This year Здружение за културен и медиумски активизам КВИР СКВЕР Скопје will organise a film screening to support the Football v Homophobia campaign. ‘Mario’, a movie about two young football players caught between the politics of the game and their growing feelings for each other, will be free for all to attend. The screening will take place in Skopje on May 17th.

Здружение за заштита и едукација на деца млади и Роми – Прогрес

23rd February, Skopje

On the last Saturday of February a football match will take place in the city of Skopje. The match will involve over 200 people from different backgrounds, ethnicity and sexual orientation. The aim is to send out a strong message that football should be all inclusive.


Zorros LGBT

16th February, Puebla

On the 16thof February, Zorros LGBT is dedicating a tournament to the Football v Homophobia campaign. The tournament will take place in Puebla, Mexico. For all who cannot make it, the tournament will be broadcast via a Facebook livestream. For the livestream please see here for more and to watch.



8-9th February, Podgorica

In Podgorica, Montenegro, the ‘Show Red Card for Homophobia, Football for Everyone’campaign aims to have a long-term effect on children. By hosting a panel discussion in different schools, young people will be informed about LGBTQ participation in football, equal representation in football, human rights, anti-discrimination and other difficulties LGBTIQ people in rural areas are dealing with to be accepted in society. NVO “CRNOGORSKI CENTAR ZA RAZVOJ KULTURE I SPORTA-KULSPORT will invite several players from different first division clubs to play with the children and support the workshop. The ‘Show Red Card for Homophobia, Football for Everyone’-campaign will take place on the 8th and 9th of February.

NGO ”Crnogorska nevladina sportska organizacija”

11-14th February, Podgorica

On the 11th-14th of February, NGO ”Crnogorska nevladina sportska organizacija” will organise a three-day event in two schools in Podgorica, as part of Football v Homophobia 2019. The students will learn how to fight homophobia via interactive panel discussions. Via several workshops, they will be informed on how to report homo-, bi-, and transphobic bullying. The event ends with a football match which aims to raise awareness.


Queer Football Fan Clubs Netherlands

28th February, The Hague

Queer Football Fan Clubs Netherlands will officially launch on the 23rd of January, in Den Hague. Their aim is to make fan culture more inclusive. Their first campaign ‘Where all football fans are included’ will try to drive the interest of their existence by a social media campaign and an open discussion. The discussion would include speakers from Roze Regahs, the first and currently only QFF Club in the Netherlands. The campaign aims to support interested parties in setting up their own QFF Club.



2nd February, Warsaw

CHRZĄSZCZYKI SPORTS CLUB will organise a tournament for informal female teams, encouraging ciswomen, transwomen, non-binary people, queer people and transmen to participate. The ‘Turniej Futbol Prezeciw Homofobii’ tournament aims to raise awareness regarding the invisibility of non-heteronormative people in Polish football. The tournament will take place on the 2nd of February in Warsaw.


Asociatia MozaiQ LGBT

15th-18th February, Cluj-Napoca

For a second year in a row, Asociatia MozaiQ LGBT will host the ‘Football for Diversity’-tournament, a LGBT+ friendly tournament in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The tournament creates a unique opportunity for teams from all over Romania to participate in creating an all-inclusive environment. The 4-day tournament includes; a film screening, a panel discussion on LGBT discrimination in sports and a tournament allowing only mixed teams with a minimum of 4 females in a team.



8th-15th February, Krasnodar

REVERS, a Krasnodar LGBT social movement, plans to host two events in context of Football v Homophobia. The first event, a lecture and a discussion, will provide information about transgender people in football, focussing on situations in Russia. This will take place on the 8th of February. The second event, on the 15th of February, is a workshop involving LGBTQ+ people and transgender people. This workshop will focus on transphobia in the football and post-sport environments, and the rights of transgender people in Russia and abroad.


LEAP Sports Scotland

24th February, Glasgow

LEAP Sports Scotland’s Football Carnival for Beginners aims to reach the LGBTIQ community who is currently not involved in football. On the 24th of February, participants will be able to try out different games in a fun, non-competitive environment. With different coaches, LGBT+ inclusive clubs and fans groups present, pathways for regular participations are being laid out.

On top of that, a Football v Homophobia Scotland space will be created where printed resources and interactive material will be presented. The successful partnership with United Glasgow FC will raise awareness regarding the underrepresentation of LGBT+ football groups and clubs in Glasgow.


Saplinq, o.z.

21st-23rd February, Bratislava

Saplinq, o.z. has yet again decided to take part in the Football v Homophobia campaign with the event ‘Vykopnime homofóbiu!’. This year’s ‘Vykopnime homofóbiu!’, taking place between the 21st and 23rd of February (Bratislava, Slovakia), will include a tournament of LGBTQ organisations and a discussion about homophobia, racism and intolerance in society. Speakers such as Monique “Mo” George, the Executive Director Picture The Homeless (NY, USA) and the Kundy Crew feminist group will be invited. The 3-day event will end with a radical embroidery workshop and an award winner’s party.


Nogometni klub Rakičan

2nd-9th February, Murska Sobota

From the 2nd – 9th February, Nogometni klub Rakičan will host a Valentine’s tournament that plays football against homophobia in Murska Sobota, Slovenia. The activity aims to highlight homophobia in youth football by drawing ways and strategies to fight against it. A set of pedagogical activities such as ‘why and how we should speak about homosexuality and homophobia’ and ‘the history and effects of homophobia’ will create a more inclusive environment. Coaches and supporters of teams will receive a bibliography and list of relevant websites that can enhance one’s knowledge regarding sexual orientation and the fight against homophobia.


16-17th February, Murska Sobota

VEČETNIČNO, KULTURNO, IZOBRAŽEVALNO, TURISTIČNO IN ŠPORTNO DRUŠTVO aims to bring as much people as possible together for a football tournament against homophobia. The aim is to remove any stereotype towards the LGBTIQ+ community. During the weekend of 16 and 17 February, teams in Murska Sobota, Slovenia, will be able to participate in a tournament and musical activities.



23rd-24th February, Madrid

On 23-24th February ACROPOLI will host its 3rd annual Football Tournament Against LGBTIphobia in Madrid. The tournament will be held with support from the town hall, the community and several teams from Madrid. Teams must register to play in the tournament by writing an email or completing the form. For more info on registration see here.


10th-22nd February, Malaga

Between the 10th and 22nd of February, the first and only LGBTI sport club in Andalusia, Diversport, is taking part in the Football v Homophobia 2019. The ‘3 D – Deporte, Discriminación y Derecho’ – project will include a presentation, a workshop and a tournament. At diverse schools in Malaga (Spain), the difficulties of LGBTI athletes will be highlighted and students will participate in the ‘we are us’ campaign on LGBTI sport references. The project will be promoted via social media and via this, necessary arguments for the development of inclusive sport policies will be brought to light.

Kolectivo Sur

23rd-24th February, Jerez

On the 23rd and 24th of February, Kolectivo Sur will organise a workshop with the aim to increase LGTBI inclusion. In Jerez de la Frontera, different LGTBI-organisations will come together and talk about inclusion through football. During a home match of Xerex Deportivo Kolectivo Sur will distribute materials to raise awareness on the rights of the LGBTI-community.

Universidad de Sevilla

19th February, Sevilla

On February 19th Universidad de Sevilla in Spain will organise a conference with LGBT+ athletes, in collaboration with the sport sciences course of the university.


Gottne IF

3-9th February, Gottne

From the 3rd until the 9th of February the Swedish club Gottne IF will wear t-shirts at games to spread a strong message to stop homophobia.


İnsan Hakları Gündemi Derneği

11-21st February, Gaziantep

From the 11th to the 21st of February, İnsan Hakları Gündemi Derneği will be hosting two film screenings about homophobia. A presentation will be giving regarding human rights and in particular LGBTIQ-rights. The aim is activating the LGBT community to participate in physical activities. The event will take place in Gaziantep/Adana, Turkey.


Ліга Толерантності

10th-15th February, Poltava

Ліга Толерантності aims to raise awareness regarding LGBTQI rights, especially in football. The ‘Football v Homophobia: from West to East with Love’ – campaign has translated the international toolkit “Football v Homophobia” in Ukrainian. By launching a social media campaign on the 10th of February, they aim to disseminate the FvH manual and defend LGBTQI rights.

A football tournament will be hosted on the 15th of February which will involve a broad target audience such as young people, youth workers, educators and coaches from different communities in Eastern Ukraine. Pre-registration for the football tournament in Poltava is needed.

Асоціація “Кармелюк”

1st-28th February

In the month of February, the Ukrainian group Асоціація “Кармелюк” will take part in the Football v Homophobia 2019 campaign by hosting a tournament in Kyiv. The tournament will include the participation of representatives of antifascists local LGBT communities, football fans, media and public figures. Anti-homophobic stickers will be created and distributed at the event and shared on social media.