Apply now for a #FootballPeople Development Grant


The grants will help recipients to run regular football activities, be a part of the #FootballWeeks as a longer term process and receive developmental support from Fare.

The grant scheme supports work with ethnic minorities (of all kinds including refugees, asylum seekers, undocumented migrants and the Roma), LGBTI people, or women. Grants can also be used to develop and pilot activities and educational resources.

The grant is for a prolonged project starting as early at 1 April and ending on 31 October 2018 the latest. It is an essential requirement that proposals include an event scheduled to take place during #FootballPeople weeks (11-25 October 2018).

All funded projects should promote empowerment; encourage a sense of ownership and active involvement of the community that they address through the project. The funded group should be open to being helped to develop and grow their activities and presence.

These grants will fund projects with 5000EUR for 6-7 months of activity.

We will help by:

  • Offering you help and support to continue your activities
  • Inviting you to a training programme that helps you develop your organisation
  • Giving publicity to your project, your objectives and methodology

What we are asking from you is to:

  • Organise regular activities for/ with marginalised communities e.g. provide football trainings sessions, social events, workshops etc.
  • Directly involve at least 150 people in the activities
  • Be clear about how you will reach the target group
  • Be clear about how those people will be supported and involved in the project
  • Integrate a larger event/ activity during the Football People weeks in the programme
  • Be an existing member, or become a member, of the Fare network to be eligible to receive a grant
  • Acknowledge the partnership with Fare throughout the year at activities, events, etc. We will provide grant recipients with info material – PowerPoint, about Fare flyers, etc.


Deadline for application is 7th March. The successful applicants will be informed on in the second week of March.

Projects can start as early as 1st April and should finish by 31st October and must include activities/events during the Football People action weeks between 11 – 25 October 2018.

All grant recipients will have to sign an agreement; provide regular updates of their activities and complete a financial and narrative report of their project. Successful groups and organisations may apply for follow-up funding for 2019.


Grant recipients must sign an agreement with Fare. Development grants will be paid in two equal instalments before and after the proposed activities have been carried out. Grant recipients must submit a financial and narrative report after their activities to claim the full amount.