Small Grants


The pool of small grants aims to fund activities at local and regional level that tackle discrimination, promote social inclusion and use football to bring people of different communities together.

Activities should meet one or more of these objectives:

  • Fight discrimination in football
  • Celebrate diversity in football
  • Improve the representation of minorities and women in football
  • Develop ideas and new practices that challenge exclusion
  • Use football as a tool for empowerment, social inclusion and education

What can be funded?

Proposed activities must take a clear stand against discrimination in football and promote the sport as a tool for inclusion. Fare will give priority to activities that actively involve and propel the inclusion and empowerment of migrants, ethnic minorities, refugees, asylum seekers, women, LGBT communities or disabled people.

All activities supported through the small grants scheme must be implemented during the Football People action weeks in October 2017, using the Football People branding.

Be creative! Fare encourages applicants to develop ideas for new activities and to seek innovative forms of activism to reach people and raise awareness of discrimination.

The use of Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter or other social media can help. The following list of suggested activities is not comprehensive but tries to give some impulse to develop your own:

Suggested activities

  • Football tournaments along with anti-discrimination workshops
  • Fan joint-initiatives with groups who are the target of discrimination, such as refugees and migrant communities
  • Fan choreography inside your stadium
  • Produce, distribute and display of anti-discrimination materials at a game (fanzine, leaflet, banner, flag)
  • Invite ethnic minorities to a game
  • Intercultural exchange
  • Exhibition celebrating the diversity of fans and players at your club
  • Graffiti workshops
  • Book presentation
  • Q+As with (ex) players
  • Production of club level anti-discrimination videos
  • Anti-discrimination match-days at a local club
  • Discussions and anti-discrimination forums with players from a local club
  • Weekend anti-discrimination football camps
  • Film screenings and debates on examples of inclusion and empowerment through sport
  • Fans forums
  • Panel discussions
  • Workshops for fans, stewards, coaches
  • Football flash mobs in a public place
  • Celebrate women in football
  • Theatre plays
  • Social media campaigns
  • Visit a memorial site with other football fans
  • Join forces with other anti-racist groups
  • Make your stadium more accessible for disabled people and invite them to a match
  • Organise a fundraiser event for refugees at a match
  • Anti-racist podcast or video about your club or team
  • Devise a quiz about diversity in your club
  • Ask refugees to tell their story

Who can apply?

The small frants scheme is open to all groups or organisations that want to tackle discrimination in and through football, including supporters groups, grassroots clubs, NGOs and activists.

How much can we apply for?

The maximum funding through the small grants is €500. Applicants should seek other means of funding such as crowd funding platforms or sponsors to help generate larger budgets.

How and when will we receive the money?

Successful applicants will be notified about the amount of funding in September via email. The grant will be paid into your bank account after you have run your activities and submitted a short online report and high-resolution photos.


The applications are now closed.