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Over the past four years thousands of activities using football have been held in over 50 countries in Europe and beyond, all part of a unique and unified stand against discrimination.

Among these activities were football matches, tournaments, workshops, conferences, Q&A sessions, education sessions and other activities that reach groups not involved in sport.

Everyone can join the movement and participate in the Football People weeks. The 2017 Football People weeks take place between 5-19 October.

Be inspired – Be creative!

Fare invites you to organise your own creative interventions to address discrimination and promote social inclusion in football. Everyone can bring about a positive change with direct action.

The activities below are suggestions that can be organised as part of the Football People action weeks and throughout the year.

The list is not exhaustive and Fare welcomes new ideas and activities not featured in the list.

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How we will help

Fare can support you if you need help with finding local partners, contact to other activists, and publicity. Fare can also offer financial support. Find out more here.

If you require help to advertise and promote your activity or event, check out the media support page.

Register your Football People activity and see it listed along with all other Football People activities organised by activists and the international football community during the action weeks on the interactive map and in the list of activities.

If you would like to discuss your activities, please send us an email to

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Activities for everyone

  • Celebrate women/ethnic minorities/diversity in football
  • Organise a match-day experience for ethnic minorities and/or refugees
  • Organise a choreography inside your stadium
  • Ask refugees/migrants to tell their story; make a fundraiser event for refugees at a match
  • Devise a quiz about diversity in your club/team
  • Make your stadium more accessible for disabled people and invite them to a match
  • Organise anti-discrimination football tournament/match
  • Ask (ex) players to support your activities
  • Graffiti workshops
  • Panel discussions, book presentations, film screenings
  • Address underrepresentation of certain groups (women, ethnic minorities, LGBTI people) in your own group
  • Hold football flashmobs in a public place
  • Anti-racist podcast or video about your club or team

Activities for clubs and professional football

  • Produce and distribute informative and/or anti-discrimination materials at a game or publish dedicated articles on your website
  • Dedicate a match day to the Football People weeks and the fight against discrimination
  • Pre-match and half time ceremonies with a statement of support from the team captains
  • Include anti-discrimination messages in your stadium (on the stands, in the pitch, in your fanzine, website or tickets)
  • Invite fan groups to organise a anti-discrimination choreography inside your stadium
  • Invite ethnic minorities and/or refugees to a game, share their stories with players, fans and the general public
  • Work with LGBT groups and organise activities against homophobia
  • Players or mascots entering the pitch wearing Football People t-shirts and carrying Football People banners/flags
  • Invite refugees, ethnic minorities, disabled children fans to be a match day player escorts
  • Take a photograph of a player with a Football People campaigns t-shirt. Contact Fare for resources. Use the photo and send it to
  • Use Football People and/or Fare branding. You can download it here
  • Produce exhibitions celebrating the diversity of fans and players at your club
  • Organise Q+A sessions with (ex) players on the topics of inclusion and discrimination
  • Organise workshops for fans, stewards, coaches and players
  • Produce a video with an anti-discrimination message
  • Inform Fare about your activities to be highlighted as contributors

Activities for educational bodies

  • Invite your local club to your school do some joint activities
  • Invite ethnic minority and/ or female players to your school to talk about their experiences
  • Organise classroom discussions on the nature of racism and discrimination and relate it to football
  • Rehearse a football-themed theatre play
  • Ask students to do some role play