List of activities 2015

In 2015 ten groups in countries including Bulgaria, Cameroon, Czech Republic, Greece, Israel, Italy, Mexico and Serbia were awarded a Fare and Football v Homophobia small grant to run football related activities and celebrate diversity in the game around IDAHOT.


Douala, Cameroon
ADEFHO team and another local team will organise a discussion under the topic “The exclusion of lesbian and bisexual women in African soccer teams, how to create a safe place for LGBT people in football”.

A match will also be organised as part of the event.

A.S.D. Balon Mundial ONLUS

Turin, Italy
Balon Mundial will kick-off a local campaign to challenge prejudice and the exclusion of LGBT people in immigrant comminities in the region of Piedmont.

The organisation will hold a street football tournament on 17 May to foster new opportunities for LGBT people in football and a conference on homophobia in football.

The group will also invite LGBT fan groups and clubs to participate in this year’s edition of their annual tournament (in July) and further the debates initiated around IDAHOT.

Association of football clubs in Kos Island

Kos Island, Greece
On 17 May, the association will organise an action day against LGBT-phobia constituted of a five-a-side football tournament followed by a ceremony where the participants and attendees will renew their commitment to challenge discrimination by signing the Council of Europe Anti-Homophobia Charter. A panel discussion will address discrimination in football and best practice to tackle homophobia inside stadiums.

Association Thirst for Life

Sliven, Bulgaria
The Bulgarian organisation will organised a day of action to address discrimination against LGBT people within the Roma community.

Barflies United

Prague, Czech Republic
Barflies United will organise a football tournament under the theme ‘Love Football Hate Racism – Homophobia is just fear’ on 16 May. At the tournament the group will draw the attention of fans and players to the challenges and discrimination faced by sexual minorities in Czech Republic.

Berliner Fußball liebt Vielfalt

Berlin, Germany

On 17 May 12 Berlin-based clubs will participate in the campaign „Berliner Fußball liebt Vielfalt“. The slogan will be displayed in several outdoors and tube stations of the city.

At matches the clubs will display a banner reading “Red Card to Homophobia”, which will also be shown at the UEFA Women’s Champions League final on 14 May in Berlin.

Brigada Azul Crema

Mexico City, Mexico
Brigada Azul Crema, the fan group of first league Club América, will organise a campaign in stadiums and across several neighbourhoods of the Mexico city to raise awareness of discrimination in football. T-shirsts, flags, flyers, stickers will be produced with slogans around the topic.


Tecámac, Mexico
Civil rights association DIDESEX A.C. will run a nation-wide campaign with LGBT football teams from five different Mexico states, including México City, Colima, Guerrero, Estado de México and Tamaulipas, to raise awareness of the stigma and discrimination around the LGBT community and at the same time give visibility to grassroots football.

A meeting with the teams’ leaders will be organised to structure the campaign, which will be followed by a photo session. On 17 May the campaign will be launched and widely promoted through social and local media. Informative resources and other materials will be distributed at matches.

Fans and Players vs. Homophobia

Sofia, Bulgaria
On 17 May fans and players of FC Academic will attend the women’s football encounter between National Sports Academy and Sportica wearing Football v Homophobia t-shirts. Players and team managers will also wear the t-shirts during the warm-up to further a message of inclusion in football. Stickers and other resources will be distributed among fans.

FC Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain
Ahead of IDAHOT, football giants FC Barcelona have released a video to raise awareness of homophobia.

The video, entitled ‘Celebrate Respect’ promotes the message that respect is one of the strongest elements of the team, including Dani Alves and Andrés Iniesta.

The club will also hold a roundtable on homophobia in sports in collaboration with the LGBT sports club Panteres Grogues.

Fußballfans gegen Homophobie

To celebrate women’s football and head of IDAHOT Fußballfans gegen Homophobie presented their new logo.


I.C.ON.S Calcio

Milan, Italy

The amateur club is organising a 5-a-side tournament to raise awareness of homophobia in football.


New Israel Fund

Jerusalem, Israel
Jerusalem-based New Israel Fund will invite representatives of Hapoel Katamon and Rainball Tel Aviv, the first and the biggest LGBT sports club in Israel, to participate in an anti-homophobia match.

Pantries Grogues

Barcelona, Spain
The Catalonian sports club Panteres Grogues is organising a roundtable do address LGBT-phobia in Spanish sports in collaboration with FC Barcelona.


Novi Sad, Serbia
The women’s football team Peachwise will organise a friendly anti-homophobia football match against the Belgrade-based LGBT team FemSlam followed by a social gathering for the participants.