List of activities 2016


The International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia & Biphobia (17 May) draws attention to the violence and discrimination experienced by LGBTI people internationally.

In sport, the day is an opportunity to raise awareness of LGBT-phobia and promote LGBT participation in the sport.

Click on the groups below to find out what activities will take place near where you are.

If your activity is not listed, send us an email with information and promotional material.

Online SDPnoticias. com - story - FOTOS - Manifestaciones pro LGBT en final de Copa Confederaciones


Madrid, Spain

For the last six years the LGBT rights group Arcópoli has been running a football tournament against homophobia at the Universidad Complutense campus around IDAHOT. In 2016, the tournament will be held under the motto Football v Homophobia.


Barcelona, Spain

Avalot is organising a football tournament against homophobia under the motto “Tod@s jugamos contra la LGTBFobia”.

Association for protection and education of children and young Roma 'Progress'

Skopje, Macedonia

The association is organising a tournament with four football teams to raise awareness of LGBT-phobia.

The event will be followed by other activities including a group photo and debates.

Basildon Disability Equality Forum

Basildon, England

Basildon Disability Equality Forum will hold a local football match between their team and a group of gay mental health survivors to promote equality in football.

Birmingham Blaze FC

Birmingham, England

For IDAHOT Birmingham Blaze FC will advertise for and start a women’s team and look at ways to involve trans players in the sport and the club.

Charlton Athletic Football Club

London, England 

On 22 May Charlton Athletic Football Club will hold their first Charlton vs Homophobia tournament.

The event is being co-hosted by Proud Valiants, the club’s official LGBTQI+ Supporters’ Group who will field a group of members and allies against teams from Bexley Invicta (the local LGBTQI+ friendly football club) and staff members from the University of Greenwich.

Tickets are limited and you will need to print up your tickets to gain entrance on the 22nd. Get your tickets here.

Concejalía de Igualdad del Ayuntamiento Zamora

Zamora, Spain

The Equlity department of Zamora’s city council is organising its firs football day against homophobia, which will see the youth teams of Zamora CF and San Lorenzo play against each other.

The match aims to raise awareness of homophobia in Spanish football and support Spain’s only gay referee, who has recently resigned have been subject to recurrent homophobic abuse.

Cross Cultures Open Fun Football Schools & Center for Civil society development

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Cross Cultures Open Fun Football Schools and Center for Civil society development are planning a roundtable event and workshops to address LGBT-phobia and the participation of the LGBT community in sport.


ccSPORT is designing a Panini-style sticker book featuring LGBTIQ+ football players.

Epsthessalias & Foul


Epsthessalias & Foul will be organising a four-day grassroots tournament for players aged between 6-14 years old and teams of refugees to address homophobia.

FC Garcia

Players of FC Garcia joined the fight against homophobia and played with rainbow laces.


Belgrade, Serbia 

FemSlam is organising a football match at a refugee centre to increase the visibility of the problems faced by refugees in Serbia, in particular female refugees.

Center for Youth Education and Mobility ELEMENT

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Center for Youth Education and Mobility ELEMENT a rountable on Football v Homophobia.

Football Federation Australia


Football Federation Australia have marked IDAHOT on their social media channels.

Liverpool FC

The English Premier League club is marking IDAHOT at their ground.

Lesben- und Schwulenverband Berlin Brandenburg e.V.

Berlin, Germany

Lesben- und Schwulenverband Berlin Brandenburg e.V. is organising a multimedia reading followed by a discussion with the authors of the book “Zurück am Tatort Stadion”.

The event will take place in the “Fanproject Berlin” in cooperation with the Berlin Football Association.

Panamboyz United & Paris Arc en Ciel

Paris, France 

Panamboyz United and Paris Arc en Ciel are organising an international football tournament to celebrate IDAHOT.

The event builds on the success of last year’s tournament, which brought together over 350 players. The tournament will take place between 14 and 15 May in Paris.

Enrol your team here.

RAIN Associazione LGBT

Caserta, Italy

On 17 May RAIN Associazione LGBT is organising a five-a-side football tournament against homophobia. 

Go here to join.

Roter Stern Leipzig

Leipzig, Germany

“Love who ever you want!” says Roter Stern Leipzig on IDAHOT.


Salisbury FC

Salisbury, England 

Salisbury FC is providing a Match Day Programme at a family fun day where there will be a number of matches supporting issues in the community, youth and senior games.


Dublin, Ireland

Fare partner SARI will run their “I Can see a Rainbow”project for IDAHOT.

UISP & Arcigay

Arezzo, Italy

Fare member UISP have partnered up with the Italian LGBT organisation Arcigay to host the 4th edition of the anti-trans and homophobia festival ‘Play Pride’.

The event will take place on 15 May in Arezzo and will consist of a series of football tournaments and an exhibition on LGBT athletes.

Teams willing to join the tournament can apply here.

Women's Alliance

Skopje, Macedonia

On 17 May Women’s Alliance is launching a website dedicated to Football v Homophobia ( 

Once the website is launched, Women’s Alliance will send an email to Football Federation of Macedonia (FFM) and major football clubs and fan groups in the country asking them to join the movement.

Women's Soccer FR

France women’s national team message on IDAHOT:

Youth resource center

Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The youth group is organising a football a tournament for young people in Tuzla under slogan “Football without prejudices”. Before the tournament the group will conduct an online campaign with anti-discrimination messages.

In addition, a street activity will also be organised to mark the fight against homophobia.

Australian Westfield Matilda and Canberra United Michelle Heyman: